Used Commercial Laundry Equipment – Nationwide

Buying used commercial laundry equipment is a cost-effective way to minimize your initial investment. We at Superior Laundry Equipment are proud of our reputation as one of the top choices for sales, service and repair of all leading brands such as Wascomat, Speed Queen, Huebsch, Maytag, Alliance laundry systems, Unimac, ADC, IPSO, American Dryer Corp. and many more leading commercial and industrial laundry equipment brands. Please make a selection below or contact us for a prompt, thorough and courteous quote.

ImagesItemManufacturerCategoryModelCapacityElectricConditionManufacture DateQuantity
051DexterStack DryerDL2X30lbs120VReconditioned4
040HuebschWasher - Commercial Hard MountHC18MD218lbs220V-3PHReconditioned1998-199911
073Speed QueenStack DryerST030030lbs220V-3PHReconditioned2
074American DryerSingle DryerADG53030lbs120VReconditioned2
076IPSOWasher - Commercial Hard MountWE234C50lbs220V-3PHReconditioned1
042WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW7518lbs220V-3PHReconditioned42
044HuebschWasher - Commercial Hard MountHC27MD227lbs220V-3PHReconditioned12
045HuebschStack Dryer32DG30lbs120VReconditioned7
046American DryerStack DryerADG23530lbs120VReconditioned45
047IPSOWasher - Commercial Hard MountWE9525lbs220V-3PHReconditioned2
048WascomatStack DryerTD303030lbs120VReconditioned3
049American DryerStack DryerADG23530lbs120VReconditioned9
050WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW12535lbs220V-3PHReconditioned24
052ADCStack Dryer23630lbs120VReconditioned20011
053WascomatWasher - Ind. Hard Mount OPLW12535lbs220V-3PHReconditioned6
075IPSOWasher - Commercial Hard MountWE181C40lbs220V-3PHReconditioned6
055ADCStack DryerAD33030lbs120VReconditioned14
056HuebschStack DryerJT0300DRG30lbs120VReconditioned4
060WascomatSingle DryerTD5050lbs120VReconditioned3
061HuebschSingle DryerHT075NM75lbs120VReconditioned1
062HuebschSingle Dryer - OPLHT07575lbs220V-3PHReconditioned2
063IPSOWasher - Commercial Hard MountIWF030MC30lbs220V-3PHUsed20084
064ADCStack DryerADG330D30lbs120VUsed20087
065WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW18550lbs220V-3PHReconditioned3
066Speed QueenWasher - Ind. Hard Mount OPLSC125UNVQ125lbs220V-3PHReconditioned20061
067IPSOWasher - Commercial Hard MountIWF040MC240lbs220V-3PHUsed20085
068Speed QueenWasher - Commercial Hard MountSCN060KN260lbs220V-3PHReconditioned20111
069IPSOWasher - Commercial Hard MountIWF055MC2X10U055lbs220V-3PHUsed20084
071WascomatSingle DryerTD3030lbs120VNew20082
072WascomatSingle DryerTD7777lbs120VNew20101
001WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW75 18lbs220VReconditioned15
002WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW24575lbs220V-3PHReconditioned0
005WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW12535LB220V-3PHReconditioned12
007Speed QueenStack DryerST0300DRG30LB220V-3PHReconditioned19982
012Huebsch Washer - Commercial Hard MountHC27MD227LB220V-3PHUsed20007
014HuebschStack DryerJT0300DRG30LB120V-1PHReconditioned4
015AllianceStack DryerJT0300DFG30LB120V-1PHUsed19988
016AllianceStack Dryer32DG30LB120V-1PHReconditioned 2
018ADCStack DryerADC32020LB120V-1PHUsed10
019MaytagStack DryerMLG32PDBWS30LB120V-1PHUsed9
020ADCStack DryerADC23630lbs120V-1PHReconditioned20011
024WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW7518lb120V-1PHReconditioned2
030Speed QueenWasher - Ind. Hard Mount OPLSC125125lbReconditioned20001
033HuebschWasher - Commercial Hard MountHC18MD2 110v 1phReconditioned1998-19994
034WascomatWasher - Commercial Hard MountW12435lb220V / 3 PhReconditioned19981
035HuebschWasher - Commercial Hard MountHC50MD2220V/3PHReconditioned19983

Used Commercial Laundry Equipment at Superior LaundryBuying used commercial laundry equipment has never been easierEven though used commercial laundry equipment may not be your first choice when it comes to your laundromat or apartment complex laundry needs, it has worked surprisingly well for many of our past clients and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed! And should you need it, we at Superior laundry can gladly provide you with variable customized service plans to accommodate any needs you may have, from regular maintenance visits, to fixed or hourly labor costs that may include a discount, or even a flat rate.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that when used commercial laundry equipment is purchased for a newly established or renovated laundromat, it not only keeps down the start up costs, but also allows for greater flexibility in pricing, thus making it more attractive to the potential users. If in addition, your laundry service features coin-operated machines, it projects the image of inexpensive, as subconsciously, customers do not consider quaters as “real money”, so you in fact can charge more for your services while spending less to begin with, resulting in quicker return on your investment.

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