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Coin-operated used commercial washers and dryers help keep your laundry costs downThe local coin operated washer and dryer facility tends to be taken for granted until it is needed. This is largely due to the ever-present need for them and the assumption that one will always be found at a nearby strip mall.

While it is true that commercial washing machines are ubiquitous, the system of support that services and supplies this equipment is a specialized business. Having a knowledgeable team that answers to calls for service anytime, for any reason, is better than having an ace up the sleeve. Call today 718-530-1714

Used Commercial Washers and Dryers

The coin operated laundry equipment business that best serves its customers is one that houses an extensive inventory of laundry equipment, parts and accessories, including refurbished or even used commercial washers and dryers. They offer to buy, sell, service and repair commercial washing machines by all leading national brands, such as Wascomat, Speed Queen, Huebsch, Maytag, Alliance laundry systems, Unimac, ADC, IPSO, American Dryer Corp. and many more. They are dedicated to assisting interested parties in establishing, setting up, relocating, buying used commercial washers and dryers, or selling existing or new laundromat businesses.

Superior Laundry Equipment is one such partner providing solutions for our customers who rely heavily on their new and used commercial washers and dryers such as restaurants, hotel chains, spas, fitness centers, residential buildings, nursing homes, not-for-profit or religious organizations, rehabilitation centers and laundromats.

Being one of the largest industrial laundry equipment sales and service companies on the East Coast, Superior Laundry Equipment has earned quite a reputation. Widely recognized for our prompt, reliable attention to the needs of businesses operating commercial / industrial washing machines and dryers, Superior Laundry Equipment knows how to help proprietors cut costs and maximize profits in this recession proof industry. All our used commercial washers and dryers are backed by this reputation.

Superior provides customized service plans that accommodate variable options, whether setting up regular maintenance visits, looking for fixed or hourly labor costs that include a discount or interested in a flat rate to include labor and parts. Our team of reliable certified technicians maintain a level of professional integrity second to none, intent on keeping your business operating uninterrupted. Our full-service preventive maintenance program covers all aspects of service to keep all machines fully functional, whether you purchased new or used commercial washers and dryers from us.

Used commercial washers and dryers are a little-known industry secretSuperior has dedicated the time and effort necessary to provide the expert assistance in support of all aspects of purchasing existing facilities. At any time, there is a wealth of locations listed in the database of businesses up for sale, and Superior specializes in offering the guidance and consultation that will have a facility up and running and returning immediate profits.

Contact Superior Laundry Equipment Services at 718-530-1714 to walk you through demographic analysis, evaluating site selections, examining lease negotiations, going over the facility’s design and layout, equipment recommendations, comparisons, construction and installation.

Superior Laundry is an at-your-service organization. We have your best interests at heart. Your laundromat customers will thank you for providing a better, cleaner, safer and more pleasant store that delivers a more superior wash that can only be found with commercial washing machines.

Call 718-530-1714 today, or click here to contact us and get your profits turning.

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